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(2013) The Passage of…

Zack Cart’s 2013 album centers on concepts of time and its passage and perception. From “Lineage” and “Timeline,” tracking the evolution of Western classical music and beyond through the centuries, the anachronistic eclecticism of “Study of the Artist” to the quirky time-lapse-inducing “Bocetitos,” and the emotive power of “High Wreck go Wreck,” classical synth takes a true journey with “The Passage of…”

(2012) Danceables

“Danceables” is not exactly a creative title for this album. The general premis is that everything on it is, well, dance-able. If I couldn’t jam out to it in the car, it’s not on here. That said, the music here should all have enough depth and variety to keep you involved if you choose to just sit down and listen. Many of the tracks have creative and highly dynamic panning, the spacial movement can certainly be an experience.

(2011) Meanderings

“Meanderings” is just what you might expect. In terms of the pieces I have chosen for it, it is wandering, it is discontinuous, it is without overall concept; it meanders, from dramatic “orchestral” piece like “Membraan and Moira,” to more esoteric “chamber” pieces like “Pursuit of an Idea,” and quirky concrete mini works like “Intracellular Howler Monkeys.” In other words, nothing about this album is cohesive, nothing is decisive, and nothing is related. And, nothing is intended to be!

(2007) Raven

This 2007 album is a throwback to Zack Cart’s early explorations into musical composition. At the age of 17, he created this 17-song, hour long rock opera, detailing the interactions of a bland, unsuccessful rock band and the skilled homeless musician that arrives in their midst. With the help of high school singers Mel Bills, Sam Gilbert, Mac Flynn, Ellen White, the concept album “Raven” comes to life.